Tennis employs a winner-take-all scoring system that gives a game-loser no credit for points won, nor any credit for battling through a multiple-deuce game. In a match with lots of deuce games it is possible to win over 40% of all points and still lose a match 0-6, 0-6. It is also possible to win more than half of the total points in a match and still lose a match 4-6, 4-6 (this assumes that each set has 4 games won at love and 6 games lost after reaching deuce).

I’ve lost too many close matches where 6 points could have made a HUGE difference. Remember, the tennis scoring system exaggerates the smallest of point differentials.

Next Time You Play:

  1. Improve Your Ready Position. Unless you are serving, start each point with your mind, body, and racquet prepared for a challenging shot coming your way. Make it easy for your reflexes....

Making every minute on court contribute to your development as a player.