I’ve played six sports in organized settings: baseball, football, basketball, softball, ice hockey, and tennis. In terms of regular physical exercise, I’ve also done a fair bit of bicycling, jogging, and weight training.

Tennis Stands Alone.

Only tennis demands strength, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance, both large- and small-muscle skills, mental toughness, courage, complex strategies, and in-the-moment problem solving.

Only tennis opens doors to people across the globe. It is truly an international sport. I guarantee you that if you travel with a racquet handle poking out of your backpack, people will come up to you and befriend you whether you are in China, Croatia, Mexico or Mozambique. Tennis players quickly recognize and honor each other with hospitality and a good game. You only need a few words in common: “out” and “good shot.”

Tennis transcends age, gender, race, and culture. A ten year-old girl can enjoy hitting with her 80...


Tennis employs a winner-take-all scoring system that gives a game-loser no credit for points won, nor any credit for battling through a multiple-deuce game. In a match with lots of deuce games it is possible to win over 40% of all points and still lose a match 0-6, 0-6. It is also possible to win more than half of the total points in a match and still lose a match 4-6, 4-6 (this assumes that each set has 4 games won at love and 6 games lost after reaching deuce).

I’ve lost too many close matches where 6 points could have made a HUGE difference. Remember, the tennis scoring system exaggerates the smallest of point differentials.

Next Time You Play:

  1. Improve Your Ready Position. Unless you are serving, start each point with your mind, body, and racquet prepared for a challenging shot coming your way. Make it easy for your reflexes....

Making every minute on court contribute to your development as a player.