Brian Rusche and Associates LLC

strategies for your organization's civic mission
Helping organizations clarify and pursue their civic mission.

Raising your voice is at the root of the word advocacy. How do you get your organization's voice heard? We can help you with strategic messaging, persuasive argument, and memorable storytelling, and then guide you through coordinated efforts to raise a chorus of voices that will move the public debate in your direction.

Our Services

  • Campaign Planning and Assistance
  • Event Planning and Assistance
  • Production and Distribution of Direct and Indirect Lobbying Materials
  • Stakeholder Training
  • Integration with our Communications, Policy Analysis, and Public Leadership Services
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  • How to Lobby in All Its Forms
  • How to Transform Stakeholders to Advocates
  • How to Build a Coalition and Network
  • How to Make Your Case
  • How to Employ Existing Resources for Advocacy
  • How to Gain and Deploy New Resources
  • How to Generate Media Stories and Mentions

Our Associates

In addition to Brian’s experience and expertise, our company has seamless working relationships with top-notch lobbyists at the Minnesota Capitol, favored public relations and media consultants, social media buzz-makers, a premier direct marketing firm, and experienced advocacy trainers.